Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department is comprised of four divisions; Personnel, Information Technology, Finance and Non-Departmental. This department also provides technical support to all operating departments. There are 12 authorized positions, which are filled by 12 staff members. A description of services provided by each division follows:


This division performs all finance, accounting, business licensing and cashiering functions for the City. It also prepares and monitors the City's annual budget. Primary responsibilities include the following: daily processing of accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and payroll. This division is also responsible for the daily processing of payments to the City, in-coming and out-going mail and the issuing of 13,000 parking permits biannually. Annually, the division issues more than 9,600 payroll and 8,000 vendor checks. The division also provides accounting for approximately $72 million in revenues and approximately $72 million in expenditures, and coordinates inventory of the City's general fixed assets.

In addition, the division is responsible for closing the City's financial records at year-end. The Finance Division maintains the City's mainframe financial computer. An annual audit by an independent certified public accountant is administered and financed through this division's contractual service account.

Information Technology

This division provides information technology support for the Citys computer network, including the operation, maintenance and repair of network hardware and client workstations. Primary responsibilities include the following: day-to-day network center operation, including the provision of a safe and secure environment for centralized data libraries and equipment; maintenance of documentation for hardware and software components: routine installation, troubleshooting and repair for servers, hubs, cabling, personal computers and related peripherals; formulation and review of client/server procedures, software platforms and the acquisition of assets to ensure overall systems compatibility and the maintenance of a technologically unified workforce.

It also provides city-wide coordination for compatible and cohesive data formats and general implementation assistance for information technology to other city departments. It manages the Citys internet presence, including web site and email services, and administers the City's PBX telephone system. Staff support is also provided to the Telecommunications Committee.


This division provides internal support to all operating departments. The division has 3.4 employees: a Personnel Services Manager, two Senior Personnel Specialist, and a Senior Office Specialist. Responsibilities of the division include maintenance of personnel records for the Citys 255 full-time and 275 part-time employees. It also includes responsibility for recruitment and selection, hiring and orientation of all new employees. Annually the division conducts approximately 50 recruitments, reviews more than 4,000 applications and processes approximately 1,400 Personnel Action Forms. Personnel also manages employee training and development programs; administers the Citys compensation, classification and employee benefits programs and oversees equal employment opportunity programs.

It ensures compliance with State and Federal employment mandates and coordinates employee safety and workers compensation programs. Personnel is also responsible for the interpretation and implementation of the Memoranda of Understanding and Personnel Rules and Regulations with employee bargaining units. Staff support is provided to the Personnel Board.


This division includes city-wide costs, such as for utilities, copying equipment, stationary, postage and other city-wide activities. These costs have been centralized for budgetary purposes. Additionally, costs to administer the general obligation debt issued to purchase the Laguna Laurel open space are included in this division.

Major Initiatives:

  • Continue to focus on workers compensation program improvements through claim management and department training with a goal of reducing work related injuries and lost time.
  • Improve the availability of information to the City staff and to the public through the City website.