Code Enforcement

The mission of the Code Enforcement office is to preserve and promote public safety and welfare by enforcing the standards of the Laguna Beach Municipal Code.  Code Enforcement investigates possible violations of the code, which include sign regulations, zoning code, property maintenance, business license requirements and the noise abatement program. Code Enforcement also responds to complaints of the Uniform Housing Code and complaints of construction without a permit.

Tenant/landlord issues are typically considered civil matters unless they are building safety and/or unpermitted construction issues.  For more information regarding tenant/landlord issues, please visit the Fair Housing website:

Complaints may be filed by calling the Code Enforcement office at (949) 497-0301, or by submitting a request online through Community Development's Citizen Access Portal.

EnerGov Citizen Access Portal (CAP) is an integrated web portal that provides the community with 24-hour access to Permitting, Plan Management, Inspection, Code Enforcement, and other Community Development services.

  • 24/7 online access for contractors & citizens
  • Online permit submission/ status checks on filed permits, pending projects, projects under construction or completed projects
  • Online inspection scheduling & cancellations
  • Online Municipal Code violation reporting
  • Online payments (coming soon)

    For detailed instructions on "How to Use Citizen Access Portal" click here.

    To access Citizen Access Portal click here.
    or go to:

    The Code Enforcement Division has placed an emphasis on allocating staff resources to directly assist property and business owners with the implementation of the recently adopted Floodplain Management Ordinance. All property and business owners of commercial properties located in the flood hazard zones are responsible for installing floodproofing devices. Please refer to our Floodproofing Contingency Device Informational Guide for more details.

  • Significant Road Closure in Planned in Newport Beach
    9/12/2014  For our commuters, please take note of planned lane closures on Pacific Coast Highway between Dover Drive and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach. The closures will occur Monday through Friday, from now, to mid-May 2015.

    9/11 Remembrance
    9/12/2014  The Police, Fire, and Marine Safety Departments participated in a “9/11 Remembrance Event” this morning at Heisler Park. Public Safety personnel met around the Semper Memento art work this morning at 0846 hours, the time the first plane struck the World Trade Center. The event is to remember the Firefighters, Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers, and nearly 3,000 civilians killed on 9/11

    AT&T Wireless Update
    9/12/2014  The City is working with AT&T to consider placement of a mobile antenna on the reservoir site adjacent to St. Catherine of Siena Church on Temple Terrace. The mobile unit would be placed near the tank and on Water District property. AT&T is supposed to submit a site plan by the end of this week for further review. If approved, it will probably still take a week or so to put a mobile unit in place and the neighbors will be notifed.

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