Community Development

The Community Development Department is organized into the following four divisions: Administration, Planning, Building Safety, and Zoning.  A description of services provided by each division is as follows: 


The Administrative Division consists of the Director of Community Development and an Administrative Assistant. The Director is responsible for the overall operation of the Department, including the Department work priorities, budget, personnel and project scheduling. The Director also supervises the Code Enforcement Supervisor.


This division is managed by the Planning Manager and is responsible for all current and advanced planning projects, such as Conditional Use Permits, Subdivisions, Specific Plans, and the City General Plan. The Planning Division is also responsible for the City's Historic Preservation Program and the majority of the Department's Special Projects. The Planning Division provides staff support to the Planning Commission and Housing and Human Services Committee.

Building Safety

The Building Safety Division is managed by the City's Building Official. The Division provides building plan checks (for compliance with the California Building Code), issues permits, conducts all field inspections and provides clerical support at the public counter. This division is financially self-sustaining with building permit and plan check fees covering the operational expenses of the Division. In the 2008 calendar year, the Building Safety Division issued 1,397 permits for a total permit valuation of $64 million.


This division is managed by the City's Zoning Administrator and principally engages in zoning plan check functions and provides staff support to the Design Review Board. The Zoning Division is responsible for the administration of the Zoning Code. The Zoning Division staff is also involved in the processing of certificates of use and real property reports. This Division is financially self-sustaining with zoning review fees covering the operational expenses of the division. The Zoning Division also provides staff support for the Heritage Committee.

Hours of Operation:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and open during lunch hour.                           

For general questions, please call (949) 497-0712

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