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 Landscape and Scenic Highways Element


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Direct feedback from the audience:

“After the forum, I am even more convinced of the importance of this Element and much more aware of how many false assumptions we’ve made in the past.”

“I was expecting a good program but it far exceeded my expectations.”

“This forum was making a case that landscape can and should mean more than just plants.”

“I’ve lived here so long, but the presentation made me look at Laguna Beach in a completely different way.  There are things in this town I’ve never realized until now.”

“Surprisingly, this event came at a perfect time.”

“The forum focused on the topic nicely.  That said, we need to get some of this information out to the public to establish a consensus for balance that trees and landscaping have value and contribute to quality of life just as much as do ocean views.”

“I came to hear some awesome topics discussed by EXPERTS! Great evening—thanks!”

“My primary reason for attending tonight’s forum was an interest in our community and our place in the environment.”

“We need more public education!”

“I think that session on Thursday evening was perhaps the best I have ever heard in that room, and I have been there quite often.”

This effort needs your participation to refine and identify the City’s landscape goals, policies and programs to address Laguna Beach’s approach to preserve and enhance the local scenery. Please share your perspective and contribute your ideas. Shape decisions, impact policy and spread awareness for landscape and scenic highways issues! For additional information or to sign up and receive future updates, contact Belinda Ann Deines, Assistant Planner at or (949) 464-6626.