Village Entrance Project

Village Entrance Project Current Status: Village Entrance Project Current Status: City Council meetings were held on March 26, June 11, and October 1, 2013, followed by a facilitated workshop on November 12, 2013, to discuss the proposed Village Entrance Project.  At that workshop, the City Council voted to pursue a scaled-down project involving a landscaped promenade to beautify the site, and creation of additional surface parking at the recently-acquired property at 725 Laguna Canyon Road.  Pursuant to City Council direction on February 4, 2014, staff is developing a Request for Proposals for a design team that would include a landscape architect, civil engineer and environmental consultant.  On April 1, 2014, the City Council approved a contract with Griffin Structures, Inc. to coordinate public outreach and assist with the design team selection process.  On July 16,2014, a community workshop was held to obtain feedback on specific elements and features, such as the historic sewer digester, carports and Laguna Canyon Road median.  The presentation can be viewed by clicking on the link below, and the results of the workshop will be presented to the City Council in September 2014.

Village Entrance Workshop Presentation 7/16/14
Video Of Village Entrance Workshop Presentation 7/16/14
Village Entrance Workshop Presentation 11/12/13
Visitor Serving Parking - Village Entrance Project 10/14/2013
Councilmember Whalen's Guiding Principles 10/1/13
City Council Presentation 10/1/13
Village Entrance Staff Presentation October 1, 2013
Request for Qualifications July 2013

Conceptual Sketches

GeoFirm Report on Foundation Design 9/26/13
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report 9/26/13
GeoFirm Preliminary Analysis of Soil and Water Sampling 9/19/13
Village Entrance Project: FAQ's 7/24/13
Agenda Bill 6/11/13
Agenda Bill 3/26/13
Village Entrance Presentation by Mayor Pro Tem Pearson 3/26/13
Village Entrance Presentation by Council Member Iseman 3/26/13
City Council Workshop 1/15/2005

City Council Meeting Minutes

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 Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

 01. Village Entrance Volume 1 
 02. Village Entrance Volume 2 
 03. Appendix Table of Contents RDEIR Table of Contents 
 04. Appendix A NOP & IS 
 05. Appendix B Response to NOP & Scoping 
 06. Appendix C Letters from Public Service Agencies 
 07. Appendix D Geotechnical Data 
 08. Appendix E Traffic Data 6-3-2011 
 09. Appendix F Air Quality Data 
 10. Appendix G Noise Data 
 11. Appendix H Cultural Data 
 12. Appendix I Hazards & Hazardous Materials 
 13. Appendix J Water Quality Management Plan 
 14. Appendix K Project Conceptual Staging Plan