Village Entrance Project

Village Entrance Project Current Status:  On June 11th, 2013, the City Council established a target budget of $42 million for the Village Entrance Project, with a goal to include a 500-space parking structure and about 100 surface parking spaces, (net gain of 200 spaces), public park with pedestrian pathways, relocation of City employees and equipment, and other features. The Village Entrance Project site presently has 397 parking spaces (254 public and 143 City). The new project will have about 600 spaces (about 481 public and about 119 City employee). Therefore, there will be an increase of about 225 public parking spaces. The City Manager has been authorized to negotiate and execute an extension to the contract with Studio One Eleven to continue concept design development, with a cost of up to $200,000. The City Council has directed that the City Manager conduct a Request for Qualifications process and solicit Statements of Qualifications from consultant firms to provide project management services for the Village Entrance Project, ensuring adequate resources and expertise are available to advance the project in a timely manner. 

Village Entrance Workshop Presentation 11/12/13
Visitor Serving Parking - Village Entrance Project 10/14/2013
Councilmember Whalen's Guiding Principles 10/1/13
City Council Presentation 10/1/13
Village Entrance Staff Presentation October 1, 2013
Request for Qualifications July 2013

Conceptual Sketches

GeoFirm Report on Foundation Design 9/26/13
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report 9/26/13
GeoFirm Preliminary Analysis of Soil and Water Sampling 9/19/13
Village Entrance Project: FAQ's 7/24/13
Agenda Bill 6/11/13
Agenda Bill 3/26/13
Village Entrance Presentation by Mayor Pro Tem Pearson 3/26/13
Village Entrance Presentation by Council Member Iseman 3/26/13
City Council Workshop 1/15/2005

City Council Meeting Minutes

For information about the Village Entrance Project contact Wade Brown @ (949) 497-0360 or 

 Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

 01. Village Entrance Volume 1 
 02. Village Entrance Volume 2 
 03. Appendix Table of Contents RDEIR Table of Contents 
 04. Appendix A NOP & IS 
 05. Appendix B Response to NOP & Scoping 
 06. Appendix C Letters from Public Service Agencies 
 07. Appendix D Geotechnical Data 
 08. Appendix E Traffic Data 6-3-2011 
 09. Appendix F Air Quality Data 
 10. Appendix G Noise Data 
 11. Appendix H Cultural Data 
 12. Appendix I Hazards & Hazardous Materials 
 13. Appendix J Water Quality Management Plan 
 14. Appendix K Project Conceptual Staging Plan