Village Entrance Project

Project Description: 
The Village Entrance site is located near the intersection of Broadway (State Route 133) and Forest Avenue, and is currently used primarily for surface parking, storage, City facilities, and an active sewer lift station. The intent of the Village Entrance Project is to enhance the site aesthetics and overall image while maintaining parking and space for public facilities. Improvements will include additional landscaping, a pedestrian/bicycle pathway and an exterior renovation of the historic sewer digester facility.

The community is encouraged to participate and collaborate on the Village Entrance Project from vision to design and development. Through community workshops, site tours, online engagement tools, design charrettes and pop-up workshops, the process is structured to foster meaningful participation throughout the process. The following graphic shows the project phases for the Laguna Village Entrance Project and the various ways to be engaged.

The link below provides an aerial map of the project site. Click on a red dot on the map to see a street-view photo of the area.,33.5454,-117.7768,33.5494

Community Workshops

6/23/2015 (Press Release)

For information about the Village Entrance Project contact Wade Brown @ (949) 497-0360 or 

Archive Documents

City Council Agenda Bills
Environmental Impact Report
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