Historic Preservation Ordinance Task Force (HPOTF)

On January 23, 2018, the City Council voted to create a Historic Preservation Ordinance Task Force (HPOTF) to further review the proposed revisions to the City's Historic Preservation Ordinance.  Councilmembers Dicterow and Iseman were also selected to appoint the Task Force members and to serve as liaisons and non-voting members.

Below is a list of the appointed Task Force members:
Marilyn Alexander

Jeffrey Benedick
Ann Christoph
Steve Fairbanks
Patrick Gallis
Norm Grossman
Becky Jones
Michael LaRiche
John Loomis
David Raber
Dan Rosenthal

Click here to review the Historic Preservation Task Force Handbook
City Attorney Memo 6/5/18
Agenda Bill-Clarification of Legal Requirements for the Historic Preservation Ordinance

If you have any questions regarding the HPOTF, please contact:
Martina Caron, Senior Planner at 949-464-6629 or mcaron@lagunabeachcity.net