View Preservation and Restoration

The City Council recognizes that both outward views and sunlight onto properties contribute greatly to the quality of life in Laguna Beach. The View Preservation and Restoration ordinance establishes a right for property owners to preserve selected viewing locations and restore pre-existing views that have been impaired by trees or other vegetation. The ordinance is managed by an Associate Planner under the supervision of the Director of Community Development. The Associate Planner is responsible for processing view claims and working directly with the claimant and the vegetation owner. The Associate Planner provides staff support to the mediator and to the View Restoration Committee. 



Hedge Height Process Information and Claim Form
Hedge Height Claim Ordinance No.1547 
Heritage Tree List (Revised 10-4-18)
View Ordinance No.1618 & MC Ch12.16  
View Preservation Flowchart
View Preservation Record of Views
View Restoration Flowcharts
View Restoration Formal Application (Phase 2) 
View Restoration Notice Of Intent To File (Phase 1)

Record of Views by Address

465 Alta Vista Wy   
466 Aster St
474 Aster St 
482 Aster St
489 Aster St  
789 Bayview Pl  
3176 Bern Dr
1475 Bounty Wy
827 Buena Vista Wy
899 Buena Vista Wy
669 Canyon View Dr
681 Canyon View Dr
709 Canyon View Dr 
800 Canyon View Dr 
825 Canyon View Dr
840 Canyon View Dr 
1085 Canyon View Dr
1109 Canyon View Dr
1316 Circle Wy
1375 Circle Wy
360 Cleo St
1205 Cliff Dr
1271 Cliff Dr
757 Coast View Dr
866 Coast View Dr        
1088 Cortez Av 
1089 Cortez Av 
1260 Cortez Av
1285 Cortez Av
140 Crescent Bay Dr   
320 Crescent Bay Dr   
351 Crescent Bay Dr     
30731 Driftwood Dr
30872 Driftwood Dr
460 El Camino Del Mar
275 Fairview St
210 Fern St
31787 Fifth Av
812 Gainsborough Dr
858 Gainsborough Dr
703 Gainsborough Pl 
2688 Glenneyre St
992 Katella St
1174 Katella St
145 La Brea St 
825 La Mirada St
908 La Mirada St
929 La Mirada St
31512 Mar Vista Av
1170 Marine Dr 
1187 Marine Dr
916 Miramar St
31112 Monterey St
2965 Mountain View Dr  
1089 Noria St   
1095 Noria St
182 Nyes Pl
184 Nyes Pl
21531 Ocean Vista Dr 
21541 Ocean Vista Dr  
21562 Ocean Vista Dr
10 Pacific Vista   
486 Panorama Dr
2755 Park Av

22141 Paso Del Sur
32 N Portola Rd (32311)
1969 San Remo Dr 
1981 San Remo Dr 
645 Temple Hills Dr
830 Temple Hills Dr
940 Temple Hills Dr
1284 Temple Hills Dr
1294 Temple Hills Dr  
1320 Temple Hills Dr
1360 Temple Hills Dr
2305 Temple Hills Dr
2325 Temple Hills Dr
1240 Temple Te
155 Thalia St #2
31991 Virginia Wy  
730 Wendt Te
811 Wendt Te
525 Windsor Pl