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The City of Laguna Beach is well known for the participation of its citizens. One way to participate is to serve on a City Council appointed Commission, Board or Committee. The City Council makes appointments to the Board of Adjustment/Design Review Board in January, the advisory committees in February, and the Arts Commission and Planning Commission in June. The Personnel Board is appointed in September of odd-numbered years.

Submitting an Application

The City Council issues a press release announcing the application period for the Commissions, Boards and Committees. Any Laguna Beach resident who is interested may submit an application to the City Clerk. All applicants are interviewed and appointments are made by the City Council at one of their regular meetings.

Application for Commissions and Boards

Application for Committees
Elected and Appointed Officials and Their Terms in PDF Format Updated 12-10-14

Arts Commission  Planning Commission
Ken Auster 6-30-15 Anne Johnson(Chair)             6-30-16
Suzi Chauvel     6-30-16 Ken Sadler 
(Chair Pro Tem)
David Emmes 6-30-15 Linda Dietrich 6-30-15
Mary P. Ferguson 6-30-16 Norm Grossman 6-30-15
Nicholas Hernandez 6-30-16
Pat Kollenda 6-30-15 Staff: Ann Larson (949) 497-0320
Lisa Mansour          6-30-15
Suzanne S. Mellor 6-30-15
Carmen Salazar           6-30-16
Staff Liason: Sian Poeschl                               

Board of Adjustment / Design Review Board Personnel Board
Monica Simpson
1-31-15 Karl Koski 15-Oct
Roger McErlane
(Chair Pro Tem)
1-31-15 Delano Dinelly 15-Oct
Leslie LeBon 1-31-16 Alan H. Anderson 15-Oct
Caren Liuzzi 1-31-16

Staff: Barbara Salvini 497-0311

Robin ZurSchmiede 1-31-15

Staff: Nancy Csira (949) 497-0332

Heritage Committee Housing & Human Services
John Madison
3-31-16 Lauriann Meyer
Mollie Bing 3-31-15 Marc Bruderer 10-31-16
Ken Fischbeck 3-31-15 Faye Chapman 10-31-15
Anne Frank 3-31-16 Gail Duncan 10-31-16
Rick Gold 3-31-16 Laura Storke 10-31-15
Bonnie Hano 3-31-15 George Weiss 10-31-16
Carl Iverson 3-31-16 Danielle Wilson 10-31-16
Debbie Lewis 3-31-15
Linda Morgenlander 3-31-15

Staff: Belinda Ann Deines (949) 464-6626

Staff: Martina Speare (949) 464-6629

Parking / Traffic / Circ Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Rebecca Carson 2-29-16 Matt Brisbois 6-30-15
Holly Dennison 2-28-15 Sandi Cain 6-30-15
Lawrence Esten 2-28-15 Robert Elster 6-30-16
Darrylin Girvin 2-28-15 David Horne 6-30-15
Ernest Hackmon    2-28-15 John Keith 6-30-16
Neil F. Katz 2-29-16

Sue Kempf

Michael Schneider     2-29-16  Kurt Knepper


Aaron Talarico 2-29-16 Matt Lawson 6-30-16
Jennifer Welsh Zeiter 2-28-15 David Sanford         6-30-16
Don Sessions 6-30-16
Tim Templeton 6-30-16
Susan Weidhaas 6-30-15

Staff: Liz Vazquez-Avila 497-0344

  Staff : Lt.Daryn Lenyi

Environmental Sustainability Committee Recreation Committee
Robert Ader 3-31-16 Allen Doby 2-28-15
George Basile 3-31-15 Dawn Franz 2-28-15
Catherine Cooper 3-31-15 James D Howard 2-28-15
Scott Epstein 3-31-16 Rebecca Meekma 2-29-16
Kristin Martin 3-31-15 Byron Nelson 2-29-16
Stephen O'Neil 3-31-16 Katrina Puffer 2-28-15
Eric Sargeant 3-31-15 Danielle Ward     2-28-15
Staff: Michael Phillips 497-0390 Staff: Ben Siegel 497-0352

HIV Committee
18 Members
Staff: Jason Kravetz 497-0307