Parks, Facilities and Permits


Effective December 3, 2009, City Parks and Beaches will be closed between 1:00 am and 5:00 am, except Crescent Bay Point Park is closed between 12:00 Midnight and 5:00 am.  The Dog Park is closed every Wednesday for maintenance. Public restrooms are open everyday from dawn to dusk.

Use of Parks and Permits

Recreational use of City parks is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The City does not reserve parks for parties, events or gatherings of any kind.

Permits are required for weddings and filming in parks and on beaches. Permits do not grant permission to reserve a public area. City parks and beaches are open to the public at all times.

List of Parks and Amenities

Public Parks

Alta Laguna Park

Located at the north end of Alta Laguna Blvd., this hilltop park has a baseball field, six unlighted tennis courts, a half basketball court, walking trails picnic tables, and children's play equipment.

Bluebird Park

Located on Cress Street between Temple Terrace and Bluebird Canyon Drive, this park has a fenced playground, half basketball court, barbecues and picnic tables.  these is also an unlighted tennis court located one block east on Bluebird Canyon Drive, on top of the water reservoir.

Heisler Park

Stretching along the bluffs on Cliff Drive from Aster Street to Diver's Cove, this oceanfront park has walking trails, gardens, a marine refuge with tide pools, picnic tables, barbecues, lawn bowling greens.  Popular park wedding sites include a Gazebo and Monument Point.

Lang Park

Located on Wesley Drive off Coast Highway, this park has a grassy play field, children's play equipment, picnic tables, one unlighted tennis court and a half basketball court.

Main Beach Park

Located at the end of Broadway on Coast Highway, this beachfront park has sand volleyball courts, two half basketball courts, children's play equipment, benches, picnic tables and public showers.

Moulton Meadows Park

Located at Del Mar and Balboa Avenues, this hilltop park has a grassy play field, barbecue and picnic tables, two unlighted tennis courts, two basketball courts, a parcourse and children's play equipment.

Riddle Field

Located at Cliff Drive and Hillcrest Drive behind Boat Canyon, this park has a baseball field, basketball court, and a children's playground.

Crescent Bay

This blufftop park has ocean and tide pool views, a grassy area and benches

Dog Park

Open dawn to dusk (closed Wednesday), dogs run free.  Dogs must be leashed at other parks

Nita Carmen Park

Grassy park has benches and art sculpture

Oak Street Park
This view platform overlooks the ocean

Pacific Way Park

This hillside park has a picnic table and bench

Ruby Street Park

This blufftop park has ocean views 

Thalia Street Park

This view platform overlooks the ocean

Temple Hills View Park
This view park is located at 2501 Temple Hills

Top of the World Park

This hilltop park has commanding ocean and canyon views, picnic benches and heritage trees

Village Green Park

This park has picnic tables, barbecues, play equipment, tree house and a large grassy area.