How to Become a Contract Instructor
Thank you for your interest in becoming a contract instructor for the City of Laguna Beach!

Summer 2015 session is currently closed and there is limited space available for new classes in our Fall 2015 session.

If you would like to apply for Fall 2015, please turn in your application (which can be found through the link below) along with a resume by June 1st, 2015 to the Recreation Dept. at 515 Forest Ave.

Please note that we will NOT be accepting applications in any of the following categories:

                 - Exercise classes (youth and adult) including yoga, dance and other fitness activities
                 - Language classes - Spanish, French or Italian
                 - Most arts and crafts classes

In addition, Saturdays & Sundays may be the only time slots available depending on the constantly changing schedule.

You will be contacted if we determine your class is compatible with our program. Please note that your application will be kept on file for the following three quarters, so there is no need to re-apply.

We will consider applications for classes NOT currently offered in the City of Laguna Beach Recreation program, so please look through our brochure to see what we already offer.

Please click here  for more information and the application to become an instructor.