City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for the administrative functions of the City under the provisions of the Municipal Code. With the exception of the City Clerk and City Treasurer, both of whom are elected, each of the City Department Heads reports to the City Manager who, in turn, reports to the City Council. The Secretary to the City Manager assists the City Manager and the five Councilmembers.

CERT Training for School District
1/29/2015  The Laguna Beach Police and Fire Departments have been providing Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to the public for about two years. In cooperation with the Laguna Beach Unified School District, a specific CERT class was designed for the District employees and began on Monday, January 26. Over the next two weeks, 37 District employees will go through the 25 hours of FEMA certified disaster preparedness training. The training consists of disaster preparedness, disaster medical operations, fire safety, search and rescue, and traffic control.

Chief Workman Presents Historical Overview
1/29/2015  On January 28, Police Chief Paul Workman presented a history of the Laguna Beach Police Department to the Laguna Beach Historical Society. The talk lasted nearly an hour and covered the period between 1927 and 1953. The Chief talked about the lives of the first chiefs and their officers. He also was able to tell the story of a mystery officer from the 1920s whose two photos hung on the department’s walls for at least forty years.

City Manager
John Pietig
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-0704 Fax: (949) 497-0771