Marine Life

Laguna Beach is a Marine Protected Area

Laguna's tidepools are being loved to death.
Please help us protect the tide pools by not disturbing the habitat.

LBMC 18.29.030

Follow Good Tidepooler Rules:

  • Never remove animals, shells or rocks from tide pools.
  • Never pick up animals... observe them where they are.
  • Don't pull animals off the rocks, poke them with sticks, or touch them.
  • Walk gently, taking care not to step on plants or animals.
  • Never turn over rocks.
  •  Informational Pamphlet on Good Tidepool Rules (PDF - 352 kb)

OC Marine Protected Areas Committee
(O.C. Marine Life Refuge Project)
Department of Fish & Game
(Ocean Fishing Regulations Book)

From more information or questions on tidepools and/or the ocean ecology of Laguna Beach,
please email the Marine Safety Captain: