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 Residential Recycling and Refuse Service Guide Mailed to Residents - The City’s solid waste hauler, Waste Management, has distributed a Residential Recycling and Refuse Service Guide for residents. Important service information is provided to help residents manage recycling trash, yard waste, hazardous waste, and bulky items. Information regarding the City’s annual recycling events and useful contact information is also included. In addition, residents will receive an educational magnet outlining the materials that should be placed in the trash, recycling and green waste carts. Residents are encourage to keep the Residential Recycling and Refuse Service Guide and magnet for reference throughout the year. The recycling efforts of residents continue to increase the City’s overall recycling rate. In 2013, the City achieved an all-time high 72% diversion rate. More than 95% of households participated in the free curbside recycling program on a consistent basis by using recycling carts and requested over 1,600 free bulky item pickups. The City and Waste Management thank our residents for their continued participation and support of the City’s recycling programs.
Weeky Updates
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