Bid and RFP Information

The Public Works Department manages the City's Capital Improvement Program which includes major projects undertaken for the purpose of replacing, repairing or constructing new portions of the City's physical infrastructure system including its streets, sewers, buildings, parks, street lights and storm drains. Bids are advertised and accepted for numerous design and construction contracts relating to the Capital Improvement Program each year as well as various professional services required by the Department.

A list of public works projects currently soliciting bids can be found below. Plans and Specifications for projects can be downloaded from the website for free.  If you have questions about a specific project, contact the project manager for that project. Plan Holder Lists for projects currently open may be obtained by contacting the assigned project manager as listed on each bid.

Bid Openings

Sealed bids must be filed with the office of the City Engineer, Public Works Department, 505 Forest Avenue, Second Floor, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. The department Administrative Assistant will accept sealed bids until the time and date indicated on the bid notice.  The project manager will publicly open the bids and read them aloud.

Call (949) 497-0711 for the latest information.

Type Title Status
RFP/Bid RFP - Custodial Maintenance Services Open
RFP/Bid RFP - Parking Consultant Services for Marketing/Branding/Wayfinding Open
RFP/Bid RFP - 2019 Trash and Recycling Receptacle Service Open
RFP/Bid RFP - Parking Guidance Technology Pending
RFP/Bid CIP542 - Laguna Canyon Frontage Road Landscape Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid City Tree Replanting Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP645 - City Hall Restroom Renovations Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - GIS Website Update and Technical Services Contract Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 649 - Community Services Office Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP454 - Pearl Street Beach Access Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP112 - Catalina Street Roundabout Improvements - Re-Bid Awarded
RFP/Bid 2019 Court Resurfacing Projects Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 280 Temple Hills Storm Drain Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid Moulton Meadows and Lang Park Renovations Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 125 FY 2012-2013 Street Slurry Seal and Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid Urban Runoff Diversion at Gaviota Drive Awarded
RFP/Bid Underground Utility Assessment District 13-01 Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 508 Digester Building Repairs Awarded
RFP/Bid Catalina Street - Los Robles Temporary Roundabout Awarded
RFP/Bid Underground Utility Assessment District 09-1 Awarded
RFP/Bid Anita, Pearl, and Millers Lift Station Wet Well Lining Awarded
RFP/Bid Bluebird Canyon Outfall and Diversion Structure Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 540 Public Restroom Access Replacement Awarded
RFP/Bid CCTV Inspection & Reporting of Sanitary Sewer System Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 159 Anita Street Storm Drain Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid RFQ - Inspection Services & Project Report Improvements to Laguna Canyon Channel Awarded
RFP/Bid 2016 Court Resurfacing Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 442 - Top of the World Trail Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 504 - Citywide Guardrail Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid Milligan Drive Bridge Renovation Awarded
RFP/Bid Underground Utility AD 09-1 (Construction Management) Awarded
RFP/Bid Citywide Undergrounding Cost Study Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 123 & 207: 2016 Street Slurry Seal & Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 053 - Oak St & Mountain Rd Beach Access Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid Laguna SOCWA Wet Well Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Laguna SOCWA Construction Inspector Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 053 Beach Access Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid Underground Utility Assessment District 13-4 Agate Street and Glenneyre Street Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 244 Bluebird Park Fence and Shade Structure Awarded
RFP RFP - Sewer Connection Fee Study Awarded
RFP/Bid Utility Undergrounding Assessment District 13-2 Diamond St Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 154 & 487 - Jasmine St & Summit Dr Storm Drain Design Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 522 - Police Lobby Renovation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 147 - Community Services Building Renovation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 175 - Design Engineering for Anita St Beach Access Rehabilitation Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 572 - Fire Station 2 and 3 Upgrades Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 380 - City Sidewalk Repairs Awarded
RFP/Bid Underground Utility Assessment District 14-1 Crestview Drive Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 031 - Cress Street Wall and Sidewalk Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 071 - 2017 Street Slurry Seal and Rehab Zone 9 Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP516 - 2017 Citywide Curb Ramp Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Tree Maintenance Services Awarded
NIB CIP 436 - Agate & Thalia Street Beach Stairs Awarded
RFP Information Technology Master Plan Services Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 561 - 479 Ocean Ave Building Renovations - All bids rejected Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 17-102 Bluebird SOCWA Lift Station Odor Control Improvements Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 561 - 479 Ocean Ave Building Renovations - Re-Bid Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Street Light Acquisition and Maintenance Services Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Laguna Beach Transit Operations and Maintenance Services Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Certified Arborist Services Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP434 - Queda Way Retaining Wall Replacement Awarded
RFP/Bid Request for Proposal for Bond Counsel and Disclosure Counsel Services Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP509 - Dorn Court Storm Drain Extension Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP 18-100 - CIPP Lining of Sanitary Sewer System Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP for Inspection Services for CIPP Lining of Sanitary Sewer System Project Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP317 - 2018 Street Slurry Seal and Rehab - Zone 10 Awarded
RFP/Bid RFP - Bus Technologies Systems - CAD/AVL/APC/ Reporting Module Awarded
RFP/Bid CIP190 - Laguna Beach Village Entrance Awarded