Construction Projects List

Alisos Avenue Storm Drain Improvements Project (CIP 526)
Animal Shelter Creek Erosion Protection

Anita Street Beach Access Improvements

ASL Sewer Lift Station & Generator Installation Project
Baja Street Retaining Wall Replacement
Bluebird Canyon Outfall & Diversion Rehabilitation Project
Bluebird SOCWA Odor Control Improvements Project (Water Quality)
Cliff Drive to High Drive Stairway Replacement
Coast Highway Intersections Improvements
Laguna Canyon Channel Improvements

Project Updates

CIP 209 - Laguna Canyon Channel Improvements Project Updates

Project Plans and Documents

Public Hearings & Public Notices

Laguna Canyon Road (SR-133) Project at El Toro Road
Measure M2 (2020-2021)
Old Top of the World Drive Concerns
Pearl Street Beach Access Replacement 
South Main Beach Restroom Repair
Top of the World Park
Temple Hills Drive Pedestrian Improvements
Temple Hills Drive Traffic Calming
Village Entrance Project