Public Works Department

Our Purpose

We are responsible for maintaining publicly owned facilities in the City, including streets, storm drains, parks and buildings, and for providing public services such as local transit, solid waste collection and disposal, street lighting and supporting services and programs.

In short, we fix, replace, install, pickup, design, construct, repair, reconstruct, inspect, maintain and protect the City’s physical infrastructure in Laguna Beach to ensure the safety, security and satisfaction of residents, businesses and visitors.

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Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation
4/19/2014  Mayor’s Challenge: Let’s make it 3 in a row.

The Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “waterwise.” Mayors and civic leaders nationwide challenge their residents during the month of April to conserve water, energy, and other natural resources on behalf of their city. Residents show their commitment by completing an online Water Pledge. Cities with the highest percentage of residents taking the pledge win.

Help Laguna Beach secure its third year win as the “Most Waterwise City in the Nation!” Take the free online pledge between April 1- 30 at Everyone in your household with an email address can take the pledge and can be entered into a drawing to win prizes including a Toyota Prius Plug-in. Take the pledge today!

Police Memorial
4/18/2014  At its meeting on Monday, April 14, 2014 the Arts Commission reviewed the finalist proposals for the creation of a Police Memorial at City Hall. The Commission unanimously selected the design “Eternal Legacy” by Gerard Stripling and Michele Taylor. Created of bronze, cast glass and resin the memorial sculpture represents an eternal flame within an unfurling flag. At the center of the installation will be an illuminated resin flame. Embedded within the bonze will be illuminated cast glass words: honor, courage, duty and remember. The design includes three inspirational quotations including “It is easy to be brave from a distance.” Surrounding the sculpture will be three internally illuminated benches which will each include a cast glass inserts with the Officers badge numbers and call sign. Since selection the artists have requested the inclusion of a flag and pole as part of their installation. The recommended design will be presented to the City Council for final approval on May 6, 2014.
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Banner Competition
3/28/2014  At its meeting on March 24, 2014, the Arts Commission reviewed 23 submissions to the Banner Competition. The Commission selected four designs by artists Judy Baker, Al Esquerra, Ashley Keene and Jeffrey Skarvan.

Public Works
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