Department Structure

The Public Works Department provides a range of public services for the City of Laguna Beach. The department is organized into eight divisions. Following are brief descriptions of services provided by each division:

Engineering and Administration

This division has eight employees who are responsible for managing the division, performing administrative and clerical functions, coordinating assessment district activities, overseeing capital improvement projects, and inspecting various public and private projects.

Fleet Maintenance

This division has three employees who are responsible for the routine repair, replacement and maintenance of City vehicles and equipment. The division maintains over 200 pieces of equipment, including a variety of heavy and light-duty trucks and vehicles, medium sized tractors, and specialized equipment.

Parks and Building Maintenance

The 21 employees in this division perform maintenance activities at 92 separate parks and facilities totaling more than 75 acres. City buildings approximate 60,000 square feet, including 12 public restrooms throughout the City. Part-time staff assists with litter control and downtown cleanup. The City contracts with private companies for custodial services at City Hall, Corporation Yard, Senior Center, Lang Park, and turf mowing in the parks.

Street Maintenance

This division has 10 employees who maintain City streets, sidewalks, and storm drains. The City has approximately 80 miles of paved streets and 1,000 storm drain inlets, catch basins and outlets. In residential areas, streets are swept weekly. In the downtown area, streets are swept seven days per week during the summer and six days per week at other times of the year. The division also manages vegetation abatement in the public right-of-way and the downtown daily clean-up program. Contractual services include tree trimming, median maintenance, street striping and disposal of construction debris and litter.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Program provides for the collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of the City's solid waste. Major activities include implementing a detailed plan for solid waste reduction and recycling in both the residential and commercial sectors, administering the solid waste contract, household hazardous waste program and various grants, managing compliance with environmental regulations and mandates, and handling citizen requests for information, special services, and complaint resolution. Charges for residential solid waste collection, recycling and disposal are assessed annually on individual property tax bills. Commercial-residential and commercial customers are billed monthly by the City's contract hauler.


The Transit Division is responsible for administering, operating and maintaining the City's transit system. Services provided include the Mainline Transit System, which is an intra-city system that serves as a feeder service to the Orange County Transportation Authority bus system; Festival Service, which is offered during the ten-week summer festival season; and Charter Service, which allows private parties to schedule private service during non-festival months (September through June.) The City receives revenue from a variety of sources to fund the transit operations. Sources include State sales tax on gasoline, air quality subvention funds, fare box revenues, and private charters. The Transit Fund also includes funds for OCTA paratransit service.

Parking Facilities Maintenance

This division has 3 employees who maintain more than 2,100 parking meters. Functions include installation, maintenance and replacement of meters, parking permit machines, and change machines. In addition, the division collects meter revenue daily. Part-time staff assists with meter collection and parking lot maintenance.

Street Lighting

This fund represents property tax revenue collected for the restricted purpose of lighting the City's public rights-of-way. These restricted funds provide for electrical energy, maintenance, and repair for street lights. This is accomplished with the cooperation of Southern California Edison and SDG&E.