Neighborhood Utility Undergrounding

The City of Laguna Beach supports neighborhood groups that wish to underground overhead utilities. The reasons for pursuing these projects have included view enhancement, safety, improved neighborhood aesthetics, and utility modernization.

Underground Utility Assessment District Formation Policy

There generally are two methods to accomplish an undergrounding project: 1) Property owners work together with the utility companies to accomplish the undergrounding privately. 2) Assessment District Property owners petition the City to form an assessment district.

This policy includes an overview of both methods. Click here to download a copy. Forming an assessment district provides a mechanism for financing the improvements. It is a lengthy process and can take three to six years to complete a utility undergrounding project depending on the number of projects currently in progress, the availability and cooperation of the utility companies, and the level of cooperation from participating residents.

For information on assessment districts contact the Public Works Department (949) 497-0711.

For an overview of the utility undergrounding process, click here.

For information about Evacuation Route Utility Undergrounding, click here.