City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is elected and serves a four-year term. The Deputy City Treasurer is a highly qualified citizen of Laguna Beach who works on a pro bono basis.  Working in a part-time capacity, the City Treasurer's responsibilities include;

  • Chief Investment Officer;
  • Banking services;
  • Ensures compliance with laws governing public funds;
  • Assessment District Trustee including oversight of Fiscal Agent and District Administrator; 
  • Monitors cash flow;
  • Receives cash receipts;
  • Oversees cash disbursement to verify authorization;
  • Conducts the Transient Occupancy Tax and Business Improvement District program reviews.

In 2014, the City of Laguna Beach has received the “Certificate of Excellence” award from the Association of Public Treasurer’s of the United States and Canada and was certified by the California Municipal Treasurers Association.

Investment Policy 

Investment Reports

To contact City Treasurer, Laura Parisi, CPA, CCMT, CFIP call (949) 497-0327 or email

Significant Road Closure in Planned in Newport Beach
9/12/2014  For our commuters, please take note of planned lane closures on Pacific Coast Highway between Dover Drive and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach. The closures will occur Monday through Friday, from now, to mid-May 2015.

9/11 Remembrance
9/12/2014  The Police, Fire, and Marine Safety Departments participated in a “9/11 Remembrance Event” this morning at Heisler Park. Public Safety personnel met around the Semper Memento art work this morning at 0846 hours, the time the first plane struck the World Trade Center. The event is to remember the Firefighters, Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers, and nearly 3,000 civilians killed on 9/11

AT&T Wireless Update
9/12/2014  The City is working with AT&T to consider placement of a mobile antenna on the reservoir site adjacent to St. Catherine of Siena Church on Temple Terrace. The mobile unit would be placed near the tank and on Water District property. AT&T is supposed to submit a site plan by the end of this week for further review. If approved, it will probably still take a week or so to put a mobile unit in place and the neighbors will be notifed.

City Treasurer
Laura Parisi, CPA, CCMT, CFIP
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-0327