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 Mobile Business Pilot Program

The City, in compliance with requirements from the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, is implementing this Mobile Business program to address the threats of pollution from mobile business service activities.

The Regional Board has identified several mobile business activities as having a significant potential to contribute to polluted runoff that could ultimately reach the ocean. These activities frequently occur outdoors in close proximity or draining directly to streets, street gutters, alleyways, patios, drainage courses, creeks or streams that comprise the storm drainage system to the ocean. Prohibited discharges to the storm drain system from mobile business service activities are violations of the City’s Water Quality Ordinance, and are subject to enforcement by Water Quality staff. The following are mobile business service activities with a high potential to pollute:

§  Surface power washing/steam cleaning (driveways, parking lots, building exteriors, patio, decks, fences, etc.)
§  Window cleaning
§  Exterior paint preparation
§  Cement mixing or cutting
§  Masonry
§  Painting and coating
§  Mobile automobile or other vehicle washing
§  Mobile carpet, drape, or furniture cleaning
§  Mobile pet services
§  Landscaping
§  Pest control services
§  Pool and fountain cleaning services

The Mobile Business program will consist of inventorying mobile businesses; disseminating information regarding appropriate standards and best management practices; outreach; inspections, and; enforcement of applicable ordinances and regulations. For more information about the City’s Mobile Business Program, please reference the PDF file. 

The Water Quality Division is responsible for implementing programs to eliminate discharges of pollutants to the municipal storm drain system and ocean.  These programs include public education, municipal code compliance/enforcement, commercial and industrial inspections, and ocean water monitoring. The WQ Division was formed to implement the NPDES permit, which is approved and continuously updated by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. The permit identifies programmatic tasks necessary for reducing ocean water pollution. This Division consists of two, full-time employees responsible for coordinating permit compliance with other city departments, the community and the County of Orange.

Mobile Business Surface Cleaners Strategy
File Name: OC Mobile Business.pdf
Revision Date: 2/4/2011