Wastewater Division

What Not to Flush
Protect your environment!
Sewers are designed to take away wastewater from sinks and baths, as well as toilet paper and human waste flushed down the toilet.
Avoid drain pain! 
Sewers are not waste disposal units and are not designed to cope with modern disposable products, and as a result these items can cause blockages.
The drains connecting your home to the main sewer are only big enough to carry water, toilet paper, and human waste.

To prevent damage to the environment, the following items should be disposed of in the ways recommended.
• Cotton balls, ladies’ products, bandages, plastics, and dental floss - dispose of these in the garbage along with other household trash.
• Condoms, tampons, and applicators - wrap well and dispose of in the trash.
• Sanitary towels and pads - use the special bags for sanitary protection available from pharmacies.
• Disposable napkins and Handy Wipes - flush any human waste down the toilet but not the Handy Wipe. The wipe should be well wrapped and disposed of in the bin.
• Razors and blades - put these into a rigid container before placing in the bin.
• Medicines - any unwanted or unused medicines should be returned to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Do not dispose of medicines with other household waste, and remember to keep all medicines out of reach of children.
• Syringes and needles - disposing of these down the toilet or in your household garbage is dangerous and could cause injury to a member of our sewerage team or a refuse collector. To dispose of these safely, please contact your local hospital or health authority who will be able to advise you on the availability of local “needle banks.” 
To avoid drain pain and a drain on your finances, remember to bag it and put in the garbage ... don't flush it!

The Laguna Beach Wastewater Division is responsible for maintaining 95 miles of sewer lines, 25 lift stations, the four-mile North Coast Interceptor that transmits sewage to the regional treatment plant and 17 urban runoff diversion units. Key functions include maintaining the sewer system, moving forward an aggressive capital improvement program to reduce sewer spills, securing grants and low-interest funding, working with the Wastewater Advisory Committee, coordinating with the South Orange County Wastewater Authority, and complying with mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The Wastewater Division has 11 full-time staff, including 10 crew members, a project manager, the Director of Water Quality and an administrative position that is allocated to both divisions in the Department.

North Coast Interceptor Brief

Sewer Strategic Plan
The latest Sewer Strategic Plan and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is available below:

Sewer Strategic Plan and Overview
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