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Subject :City Breaks Ground on Village Entrance Project
Contact :John Pietig    (949) 497-0704

The City of Laguna Beach marked a milestone in its history on Tuesday, September 11 with a groundbreaking ceremony for the Village Entrance Project.  Located in the area adjacent to the intersection of Laguna Canyon Road and Forest Avenue, the Village Entrance Project focuses on enhanced pedestrian safety, improved traffic flow and new public open space. 

“The Village Entrance Project will create an outstanding gateway entrance to our City while also improving safety and circulation at one of the busiest intersections and parking areas in town,” said City Manager John Pietig.  

Village Entrance Project elements include wider pedestrian pathways, improved lighting, extensive landscaped planting areas, new bridges and parking lots with enhanced paving and lighting. The project will happen in four stages and break during the summer of 2019 with an expected completion by summer of 2020.  

“The path to this groundbreaking today has been a journey, but worth the wait,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Kelly Boyd.  “As a City we finally have the opportunity to come together and build a beautiful, welcoming entrance to Laguna Beach that we can all be proud of.  It took a while, but we did it right.”

Public parking in the lots at the project site will be available until January of 2019, when some lots will close for construction.   Detailed parking information and scheduled changes can be found here.  City parking permit policies will not change during construction, and the weekly Farmer’s Market will remain located in the Lumberyard Lot until spring of 2020, when it will move to the new Lot 11.  

“We wouldn’t be standing here today without the years of tireless dedication to this project by our City Council and staff,” Pietig said. “I want to thank them for all of their hard work and commitment in seeing this through for our town.”

Village Entrance Project highlights include: 

.       Wide multi-use trails made from decorative concrete and decomposed granite to create a pedestrian-friendly environment, including 52 bicycle racks 

.       Extensive landscaping throughout the site, including the planting of 120 new trees, 9,100 new shrubs and 2,200 flats of ground cover

.       Upgraded decorative fencing along the drainage channel to replace the chain link fence 

.       New vehicle bridge aligned with the traffic signal at the Festival of Arts that will improve parking circulation and better separate vehicles from pedestrians and cyclists 

.       Paved bridges, roads and new lighted parking lots will improve safety, circulation and connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists 

The City Council awarded the construction contract to C.S. Legacy Construction in the amount of $8,432,668. The revised project budget is $11.1 million and includes final design and all anticipated construction related costs. 
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