Laura Farinella
Chief of Police
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Subject :Laguna Beach Goes "Live" with Text-to-911
Contact :Kristen Berry, Support Services Supervisor    (949) 497-0399

Laguna Beach joined all other Orange County public safety agencies in launching text-to-911 across all of Orange County. It is designed specifically for those who are hearing impaired, speech disabled, or in a dangerous situation where calling 911 is not possible. 

To use the service, individuals should enter “911” in the destination field of their mobile device, followed by their location and brief description of their emergency. It is important to note that while dispatchers will receive a geolocation from the caller’s cell phone in longitude and latitude, they will not have an exact address.

“The exact location is crucial to getting help to you, the GPS location accuracy varies by carrier and should not be relied upon,” Police Chief Laura Farinella said “Also, messages should be sent in plain language, please do not use acronyms, short code messages, or emojis.”

You cannot include videos or photos in your 911 text, and you cannot include 911 in a group text. The service is only available in English at this time. 

Calling 911 is always best as the interaction between the caller and a trained dispatcher is more easily coordinated through voice dialogue.

“Remember, call 911 if you can, text 911 if you can’t.” Farinella said.