Laura Farinella
Chief of Police
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Subject :Laguna Beach Rideshare Pick Up Locations
Contact :Jeff Calvert, Police Captain    (949) 497-0375

The City of Laguna Beach boasts a vibrant nightlife and art community. The Laguna Beach Police Department encourages people to have a good time, but public safety remains a priority. Officers Shar Hariri and Fred Yeilding, who are assigned to the Laguna Beach Police Department Business Liaison Unit, observed that Uber and Lyft drivers, often stop on Coast Highway to pick up or drop off passengers. The drivers stopping in the roadway presents a safety concern for other motorists and pedestrians.

The officers worked with Uber and Lyft to find a solution to this safety concern. The two companies were able to leverage their geolocation technology on their apps, which allows the companies to set specific pick up locations, and by doing so, move passenger pick up locations onto side streets with less traffic. The change has helped to increase awareness and provide safer ride share pick up locations.

The designated pick up and recommended drop off locations are located in the following areas:

1. 200 Ocean Avenue
2. 200 Laguna Avenue
3. 100 Brooks Street

The officers are working with city staff to develop specific signage identifying the pick-up locations. They are also working with local businesses and encouraging them to inform their patrons about the safe pick up areas.

The Business Liaison Unit strives to find modern ways of improving public safety by using new technologies to adapt to changing environments. Laguna Beach was the second city on the west coast to have implemented this partnership with these rideshare companies.

As we continue to move forward into the modern world, the Laguna Beach Police Department is continually seeking new ways to integrate creative solutions aimed at improving public safety.