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Shohreh Dupuis
Director of Public Works/Assistant City Manager
(949) 497-0351


Subject :City of Laguna Beach Launches New Parking App
Contact :Shohreh Dupuis    (949) 497-0351

Laguna Beach residents, visitors, and business owners can now find available parking in real time using the new “Laguna Beach Parking” mobile smartphone App. The City’s goal is to make parking easier from start to finish for Laguna Beach residents and for the City’s 6 million annual visitors.  Download the App now in the App Store, Google Play Store or at

“The new ‘Laguna Beach Parking’ App offers residents and visitors a way to find available parking quickly, so they can get out of their cars and enjoy all that Laguna has to offer,” said Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig.  “The App will reduce the amount of time users spend searching for parking and in turn lower traffic congestion in the City.”

With “Laguna Beach Parking,” users enter their destination in Laguna Beach to find the closest available parking in real time.  Users can also pay for their parking through the App, keep track of remaining time, and even extend their parking session remotely. The App will reduce circling, gridlock and traffic congestion in the Downtown area while showing drivers all available parking in real time.  It was developed as part of a partnership between the City and Frogparking, a leading mobile app system developer for parking and transit. 

“The goal of the City’s new ‘Laguna Beach Parking’ App is to help users find available parking as easily as possible,” said Shohreh Dupuis, Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works.  “By showing all available parking in real time, drivers no longer need to circle for spots or unnecessarily search areas where there aren’t any spots. The ‘Laguna Beach Parking’ App will not only save drivers time it will also improve the entire Laguna Beach experience.”

To get started, users need to download the free “Laguna Beach Parking” App and create an account with their smartphone device. The new App will provide drivers with the flexibility to either pay for individual parking sessions with their debit and credit card or load funds onto a digital wallet. Once parked, users will simply enter their space number located on the street, their desired length of stay, and confirm their payment information. Parking enforcement officials can view the parking sessions on their handheld device and collect parking data to help the City better anticipate future transit and parking needs. 

“Through the ‘Laguna Beach Parking’ App, users will see there is a lot of available parking in the City’s peripheral parking lots and other lots in the City,” said Paula Faust, Deputy Director of Public Works.  “Once users park in those lots the City’s free trolley systems will take them right into the heart of downtown, to the beach or shopping.  Users can ride the free trolley and hop on and off to all the City’s different attractions, without fighting traffic or continually worrying about feeding the meter.” 

The “Laguna Beach Parking App is now free to download through the App Store and Google Play store or download the app at Watch a video Public Service Announcement on the new App starring Lauren Conrad at more information on our trolley and routes, visit