Telephone & Email Directory

Telephone & Email Contacts by Department/Activity (All telephone numbers are in the 949 area code)

Police Department Non-Emergency Number (949) 497-0701

Activity Name Phone No. Email Address
Animal Shelter Animal Shelter Inquiries 497-3552
Animal Shelter Goodwin, Nancy 497-3552
Animal Services Markisz, Kathryn 464-6602
Animal Services Pietarila, Dave 464-6603
Animal Services Thompson, John 464-6601
Building Division Bogle, Dennis 497-0336
Building Division Bolanis, Vicki 497-0738
Building Division Feeney, Dan 497-0367
Building Division Reece, Gay 497-0380
Building Division Ring, Maria 497-0798
Building Division Russell, Mark 497-0326
Building Division Sassone, Rebecca 497-0379
Building Division Shahrouri, Issam 497-0335
Building Division Whelan, Tim 464-6617
Building Division Inspections Permits issued before 12/12/11 949-497-0707
Building Division Inspections Permits issued after 12/12/11 866-458-7357
Cashier Ryan Hallett 497-0346
City Clerk Chel-Walker, Lisette 497-0705
Deputy City Clerk Baldridge, Cheryl 497-0705/0302
City Council Boyd, Kelly 463-8089
City Council Dicterow, Steve 500-1132
City Council Iseman, Toni 494-7648
City Council Whalen, Robert 497-2407
City Council Zur Schmiede, Rob 497-0725
City Manager Pietig, John 497-0704
Assistant City Manager   Johnson, Christa 497-0797
City Manager's Office Hall, Leah 497-0308
City Treasurer Parisi, Laura 497-0327
Code Enforcement Corona, Ross 497-0333
Code Enforcement Fix, Fred 464-6678
Code Enforcement Irish, Lillian 497-0757
Code Enforcement Aruda, Linda 497-3311 X 418
Community Development McKay, Ann Marie 497-0712
Community Development Pfost, Greg 497-0712
Community Services Siegel, Ben 497-0352
Community Services (Parks and Recreation Information) Tracy, Mariann 497-0779
Community Services Toman, Tom 497-0303
Community Services Quilter, Patty 464-9535
Community Services Poeschl, Sian 497-0722
Community Services 497-0304
Community Services Belyea, Ann 464-6673
Community Services (Park Wedding Information) Slowsky, Patti 497-3311 X 425
Community Services (Sign Shop)                                    Henry, Todd 497-03488     
Community Services (Transit Division) 497-0746
Finance Division Curran, Gavin 497-0315
Finance Division Pauley, Nancy 497-0319
Finance Division Lotolc, Maggie 497-0316
Finance Division Linton, Michele 497-0317
Finance Division (Business Licensing) Carmona, Laura 497-0733
Finance Division Roberts, Donna 497-0318
Fire Department Neira, Ana 497-0305
Fire Department LaTendresse, Jeff 497-0700
Fire Department 497-0700
Fire Department Christopher, Tom 497-0700
Fire Department Weed Abatement 497-0756
Fleet Maintenance Comp, Austin 497-0347/0330
Health Department 497-0734
Information Systems Beracoechea, Ed 497-0350
Information Systems Roth, Darcy 497-0770
Marine Safety Diederich, Scott 497-0310/0391
Marine Safety Snow, Kevin 497-0310/0391
Marine Safety Trager, Thomas 497-0310/0391
Meter Division Leetch, Scott 497-0349
Parking Permits 497-0314
Parking Tickets 497-0355
Personnel Brissinger, Ashley 497-0312
Personnel Cupp, Adam 497-0313
Personnel Friedman, Gabriele 497-0324
Personnel Salvini, Barbara 497-0311
Personnel Samuelson, Taylor 497-0312  
Planning Division Drapkin, Scott 497-0362
Planning Division Jung, Wendy 497-0321
Planning Division Larson, Ann 497-0320
Planning Division Speare, Martina 464-6629
Planning Division Viera, Anthony  497-0398
Police Department 497-0701
Police Department For any Police Department inquiries or questions for the Chief of Police, please email to  The administrative assistant will route your email to the appropriate person.
Police Department To report an emergency, call 9-1-1.  For routine Police business, or to report a crime that is not a current emrgency, call (949) 497-0701.  Check our frequently asked questions by clicking here.
Police Department Alarm Permits 497-0306
Police Department Beres, Jim 464-6669
Police Department Berry, Kristin 497-0399
Police Department Chief Farinella 497-0384
Police Department Community Outreach Unit 497-0760
Police Department Farris, Jason 497-0366
Police Department Hernandez, Nikie 497-0382
Police Department Investigations 497-0377
Police Department Kleiser, Tim 497-0671
Police Department Kravetz, Jason 497-0307
Police Department Lenyi, Darin 497-0375
Police Department Levinson, Robin 497-0363
Police Department Martinez, Zach 464-6606
Police Department Monlux, Sue 497-0384
Police Department Parking Citations 497-0355
Police Department Police Administration 497-0720
Police Department Property & Evidence 497-0396
Police Department Records 497-0701
Police Department Statistics 497-0399
Public Works Benton, Jeanine 497-0334
Public Works Brown, Wade 497-0360
Public Works Chiquete, Joe 497-0338
Public Works             Chavez, Gladys 497-0339
Public Works Hillstead, Victor 497-0735
Public Works Koch, Bob 497-0340
Public Works May, Steve 497-0351
Public Works Sandefur, Tom 497-0792
Public Works Trestik, Mark 497-0300
Public Works     Vazquez-Avila, Liz 497-0344
Public Works Facilities Chintala, Wayne 497-0393
Records Management-
Community Development
Shackelford, Julie
Recycling Vazquez-Avila, Liz 497-0323/0344
Sign Shop 497-0349
View Restoration/Preservation Farr, Tony 497-0322
Water Quality Dominguez, Anthony 464-6615
Water Quality     Ingebrigtsen, Tracy 497-0781
Water Quality Byfield, Samantha 497-0342    
Water Quality Phillips, Mike 497-0390
Water Quality Shissler, David 497-0328
Water Quality/Sewers Brache, Eric 497-0765
Water Quality/Sewers Ferrell, Paul 464-6638
Water Quality/Sewers Hellman, Doug 464-6636
Water Quality/Sewers Walker, Jason 464-6634
Zoning Division Alaniz-Flejter, Monique 497-0744
Zoning Division Brown, Margaret 497-0723
Zoning Division Csira, Nancy 497-0332
Zoning Division Dacey, Melinda 497-0325
Zoning Division Deines, Belinda Ann 464-6626 
Zoning Division Dominguez, Chris 497-0745
Zoning Division Jedynak, Evan 464-6632
Zoning Division Kramer, Pat 497-3311 x 424
Zoning Division Truong, Alex 497-0750