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Laguna Beach PD Wins Office of Traffic Safety Awards

Laguna Beach Police Department wins Office of Traffic Safety Awards for Impaired Driving Special Award and Rookie of the Year Award. Employees Sgt. Beckie White, Motor Officer Matt Gregg, Community Services Officer Natasha Hernandez, and Computer Operator Rowena St. Moritz were recognized at a City Council Meeting and presented their awards. 

The Impaired Driving Award was based on our on-going commitment to training (14 DRE’s currently in patrol), the Know-Your-Limits educational program, DUI Checkpoints, Saturation Patrols, Distribution of DUI Hot Sheets for repeat offenders (info loaded into ALPR); creation of the Downtown Foot Patrol to enforce alcohol related violations and enforcement of CUP’s, ABC minor decoy and shoulder tap operations, and our partnerships with OTS, MADD, ABC, Cal Trans, the local papers, and Uber.

Additionally, our use of message boards/ radar trailers, the Bike Rodeo and the “Look to Live” slap bracelets were a contributing factor to our success. We have passed out more than 12,000 “Look to Live” bracelets.  

The Rookie of the Year award was for the best combined traffic safety program in California!