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City Response to Questions Regarding Art Walk

In a Letter to the Editor, Police Chief Laura Farinella and City Manager John Petig wrote the following: 

Dear Editor:

The City has received questions regarding recent enforcement efforts during Art Walk. The Police Department has been working with the Art Walk Board to address issues related to the event. While some notices were provided to participating businesses, they clearly did not convey the necessary information to the right people and, unfortunately, citations were issued that exceeded the intent of the cooperative effort to gain compliance with all applicable laws. In the spirt of working with Art Walk participants, the City reached out to the District Attorney’s Office, who will not be pursuing those citations, and the recipients have been notified.

The City values the Art Walk program and how it celebrates our community’s heritage and culture. The Police Department will be working with the Art Walk organization over the next several months to establish an appropriate program that respects the purpose of the event while ensuring that a safe and legal environment is provided for all. In the meantime, the event will continue while solutions are developed.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the issues. 


John Pietig, City Manager

Laura Farinella, Chief of Police

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