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City Congratulates Soccer Team

At the May 8th regular meeting of the Laguna Beach City Council, the Laguna Beach Pateadores Girls 2005 Team was awarded a Proclamation by the City for becoming 2018 State Soccer Champions.

“This group of dedicated and talented athletes has proudly represented the Pateadores Soccer Club, but mainly the City of Laguna Beach with great distinction. This is a major achievement,” stated Laguna Beach Mayor Kelly Boyd in his proclamation.

The Pateadores were crowned 2018 Final Champion of the Cal South State Cup Tournament, a challenge that hosted 128 teams.  The soccer team is entirely comprised of Laguna Beach girls and is coached by Earl Alexander. The parents, families, and friends have been integral in the team’s success.  

“Coach Earl Alexander is to be commended for his dedication to the Laguna Beach Pateadores and the development of these outstanding soccer players,” read Mayor Boyd’s proclamation.  “Ably supported by all the parents, but especially Enich Harris and Chris Boyd.”

When asked to explain the team’s name, “Patedores,” Coach Earl Alexander told the City Council it means “kickers”  in Spanish.

The Pateadores club was established in 2016.  Find out more at www.pateadores.org or www.facebook.com/PateadoresLaguna