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City Council Highlights: September 25

Arts Assessment Presented to City Council Does Not Recommend Building New Facility

At its regular meeting on September 25, 2018, the City Council reviewed a Creative Placemaking Assessment presented by AEA Consulting as part of the implementation of the City’s Cultural Arts Plan. The goals of the Creative Placemaking Assessment are to evaluate the community’s cultural arts facility needs and review existing cultural arts assets and determine future needs and potential uses.  Since being retained in August of 2017, AEA Consultants undertook 47 in-person interviews with individuals or groups, surveyed Laguna Beach based non-profit arts organizations to assess venues and programming, and held a town hall meeting with over 70 attendees and workshops to present the preliminary report.

AEA’s recommendations to the City Council did not support developing a mixed-use cultural venue but instead recommended alternative options. Recommendations included building upon existing cultural and natural assets and expanding the City’s Civic Arts District to include an arts corridor or a walkable arts precinct and improving utilization and public access to the Festival of Arts and Sawdust Art Festival sites.

Additional recommendations included engaging artists in cultural programming and activities, temporary art installations, artist in residency programs and consider sites for cultural activation at Main Beach and when complete, at the Village Entrance. The City Council unanimously approved the recommendations and directed the City Manager to identify actions to support implementation.

Former Lifeguard Leaves $30,000 to Marine Safety Department in Trust

At the September 25 regular meeting of the City Council, a donation of $30,000 by the Trust of former lifeguard and resident Paul Golfos was accepted by the City Council. 

Paul Golfos died at the age of 76 on March 16 of this year, and in his trust left $30,000 to the City’s Marine Safety Department.  Paul was a former lifeguard credited along with others with starting the Laguna Beach Junior Lifeguard Program, and intended his donation to help the Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Programs continue on for many years.  Paul loved lifeguarding and living in Laguna Beach, and returned to live here many times over the course of his life. This past Sunday Paul’s ashes were symbolically scattered during a “rock swim” near the City’s first lifeguard tower. 

“I knew Paul for many years, he was a great guy,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Kelly Boyd.  “We really appreciate what he has done for the City and God bless him.”

Councilmembers also thanked and accepted a recent donation from resident Don Crevier to store the City’s antique 1931 Seagrave Fire Engine, which is not in service but typically used in the Patriot’s Day Parade each year.  Crevier donated garage space to the City to help preserve, protect and permanently store the engine.  Crevier is the president of Crevier Classic Cars in Costa Mesa.

City Clerk Recognized for 35 Years of Service

At the September 25 meeting of the City Council, Laguna Beach Mayor Kelly Boyd presented City Clerk Lisette Chel-Walker with a certificate of recognition for 35 years of service with the City.  Hired in September of 1983 as a Records Clerk in the Laguna Beach Police Department, Lisette was later promoted to Data Control Clerk and then to Computer Operator in 1988.  In July of 2008, she was promoted to Deputy City Clerk and elected as Laguna Beach City Clerk in December of 2012.

“She has been the City Clerk for six years and is an absolute joy to work with,” said Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig.

As City Clerk, she is authorized to marry couples and since January of 2015 has conducted 238 marriages.  She lives in Laguna Beach with her husband Curtis and has a daughter Marlise who is currently teaching English as a second language in Thailand.  Lisette is an avid concertgoer and has been seen hanging out with Elton John by his piano. 


City Photo Contest Winners Recognized

At its regular meeting on September 25, the City Council recognized the 2018 winners of the City’s annual photo contest. The contest ran through June 6, 2018 and brought in 185 images submitted by residents. Mayor Kelly Boyd formally recognized the winning photographers and their photographs at the meeting. This year’s Grand Prize Winner was Cameron Sharifian.

Click here to view the winning photographs now on the City’s website. Click here to view all entries. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s contest!