City News

Fire Station Upgrades

Questions have been raised about upgrades to fire stations. In 2005, the City completed a review of all City facilities, except the Corporation Yard since it was already programmed to be moved to ACT V. Improvements were made to fire stations, including raising the garage doors at Fire Stations No. 1 and No. 4 to allow taller fire trucks to fit in the stations, and multiple improvements to the interior of the fire stations. Fire Station No. 4, located at 31646 2nd Avenue in South Laguna, received additional analysis as part of the review. The station was seismically retrofitted in 1981 but will eventually have to be replaced. The study reviewed options to modify the station and plan for a new station in 10-15 years; replace it at its current location; or to acquire land, build a new station with public parking nearby and then sell the old fire station.  In the end, the decision was made to increase the height of the garage doors, get another 10-15 years of useful life out of the fire station, and then plan to replace the station. The current capital improvement program for the City includes the accumulation of $7.1 million by the end of fiscal year 2020/21 to replace Fire Station No. 4 and make improvements needed to other City facilities at that time. Planning for the design of a new fire station is expected to be one of the priorities identified in the strategic plan that the new Fire Chief is working on for consideration by the City Council after the first of the year.  

Since the study was completed, and because of the priorities established at the time, the City constructed a new Corporation Yard, relocated the Parks Nursery from Olive Street, built a new Lifeguard Headquarters facility with new public restrooms at Main Beach, renovated the Animal Shelter, and made other improvements to various facilities.