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Bluebird Park Slide Update

City Staff has dedicated much research and consideration recently to the process of replacing a custom hillside slide in Bluebird Park deemed to be cracked and unusable.  Given the customized nature of the original design, including concrete sculpting to accommodate the slide, custom entry and exit areas and custom landing areas at the bottom of the slope, custom ramps and sidewalks leading to and from the slide and the fact that the original slide manufacturer is no longer making the same product, the options to replace the slide are limited and costly.  The slide is so custom that the cost of the slide itself makes up less than 25% of the project; the significant installation costs like the modification of the slope to accommodate a new slide with different profile and pitch, replacement of rubberized surface areas at the top and bottom of the slide, and replacement of the lower seat wall to comply with current safety standards make up the bulk of the costs.  A deeper dive into this matter led to the conclusion that the work is needed, and the project cost is justifiable when given the entire scope of the project vs. redesigning the hillside and pathways to provide another feature.  Therefore, the City is moving forward with the installation of a new slide for residents to enjoy at Bluebird Park as soon as possible.