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Council Votes to Keep Graphic on Police Vehicles

In front of a packed house on Tuesday, April 16, the Laguna Beach City Council voted 4-1 to keep a graphic depicting red, white and blue graphics through the word “Police” on the sides of the City’s black and white patrol vehicles.  

The transition to black and white patrol vehicles was approved by the City Council at its regular meeting on February 19. At that time, Police Chief Laura Farinella presented a preferred graphic with the new black and white color scheme. However, when the Police Department staff began working with the graphics manufacturer on the logo decals, the muted color of the proposed graphic could not be replicated, and therefore a graphic with red, white and blue bold primary colors was produced and placed on some of the new black and white vehicles. Differences between the colors of the proposed graphic and the actual graphic were observed by some community members causing the City Council to reconsider the issue of police vehicle graphics on Tuesday, April 16.

A standing room only crowd packed City Council Chambers Tuesday to hear the item, with public comment lasting for over two hours. Many of those in the audience waved American flags and wore patriotic clothing and the majority of those who spoke were in favor of the red, white and blue design. Many who spoke were veterans.

As part of reaffirming the red, white and blue logo on the Police Department vehicles Tuesday, the City Council also unanimously selected the service statement, “Serving Our Community With Pride and Integrity.” The community was invited to vote on the preferred service logo prior to the meeting via an online survey, in which 65% of community members surveyed selected “Serving with Pride and Integrity” as their preferred service statement.