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Scam Alert: Callers Posing as SCE Employees

A caller, posing as a Southern California Edison employee, states that “Your bill is overdue, and your power will be shut off today if your bill is not paid by noon.” The caller then states, “Download this App and fill out all the information.” THIS IS A SCAM. The app asks for your Social Security number and various other personal information. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION.

Several of our local businesses have been contacted. Some multiple times. Please notify the Laguna Beach Police Department if you receive one of these calls. Common scam/scare tactics are, your kids are being kidnapped, your nephew is in jail, your niece is stuck in another country while traveling abroad, the sheriff is going to show up and take you to jail unless you pay your IRS taxes now and your power is going to be shut off if you don’t download the app.

Remember, when you receive a phone call that feels “wrong” it often is. Stop, pause…ask a friend or call the police before you send money to anyone on the phone for any reason.SCE takes customer privacy seriously and makes every effort to protect your information.

As a reminder:

•             SCE will never demand credit card information over the phone

•             SCE does not take pre-paid Visa cards

•             SCE will not remove your meter

•             SCE does not have a Disconnection Department

Additionally, SCE has content on our their website about this that may be helpful for Laguna Beach residents: