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Free Home Wildfire Consultation

The City of Laguna Beach is encouraging residents to better prepared in the event of a wildfire by creating a defensible space and a defensible home.  This can be done by safeguarding your home by using fire-safe construction materials, and to look for points of entry where embers could intrude into the home or attic during a fire. Home and property safety preparation should also include creating defensible space around your home by clearing vegetation at least 30 to 100 feet away from your home and using fire resistant landscaping to help stop the spread of wildfire. Residents should also remove all dead or dying vegetation from their yard, roof and rain gutters.  Residents can sign up for a free wildfire consultation by the Laguna Beach Fire Department by visiting http://www.lagunabeachcity.net/cityhall/fire/fire_prevention/sign_up.htm or by calling (949) 497-0700.  What happens during a wildfire consultation? Our experienced fire fighters will come to your home and offer advice about how you can prepare your property and home for a wildfire. Fill out the form and we'll schedule a consultation with you.