City News

Changes Encourage Business Growth

At its meeting July 23, the City Council adopted changes to the City’s Municipal Code regarding parking requirements to stimulate an improvement to local economic conditions.   Changes to commercial-related parking provisions include clarifying that interior remodels to existing commercial buildings are not considered an intensification of use, thus do not require additional parking be provided.  The changes will also encourage sharing of retail spaces between multiple tenants by not requiring multiple tenants within one commercial building each meet parking requirements.  Instead, parking requirements will remain dependent on the property’s floor area. This will encourage small business opportunities and the sharing of facilities and staff, greater availability for brick and mortar locations to compete with internet sales, improve economic viability by bringing in a wider customer base, and will aid chronically vacant larger units in the City to become easier occupied based on shared tenancy. The adopted parking requirement changes will now go a second reading by the City Council, after which the changes will need to be sent to the California Coastal Commission for review and approval.