City News

Correcting Misinformation

Recent media reports have inaccurately stated that the Laguna Beach City Council agreed to move forward with plans to achieve zero liquid discharge into the ocean from the Coastal Treatment Plant (CTP).  That is not true.  Rather, the City Council voted to support research done by the Environmental Sustainability Committee on zero waste discharge and subsequently forward a report summarizing the research to the South Orange County Water Associate (SOCWA).  The City Council did not vote to support zero liquid discharge at CTP, as that technology does not currently exist.  Any current technology available discharges a brine and even so, all discharges from CTP currently meet federal clean water standards. Although the Coastal Treatment Plant may be able to achieve zero discharge to the ocean, the Aliso Creek Outfall will not achieve that without the help of several other surrounding agencies.  It was also falsely reported that water quality reporting will be soon available on a real-time basis. Though this technology is coming in the future, it is very costly, and is not anticipated to be available in Laguna Beach anytime soon.