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Emergency Loudspeaker Test Today and Tomorrow

The City of Laguna Beach will be testing the Outdoor Warning System on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 20th & 21st, 2020. In the event of a real emergency, this system may be activated to provide instructions to residents and visitors for all hazards or disasters where immediate action is necessary.

The test will sound like this: https://bit.ly/3lIVIvg

The Outdoor Warning System is a network of remote speakers that, when activated, can initiate an audible tone and verbal instructions.  Specific emergency information can be broadcasted over one or all of the speakers, depending on the information and target audience.

In 2019, the City undertook a broad expansion of the Laguna Beach Outdoor Warning System.  Originally the system had three speakers in the downtown and Main Beach areas.  When completed, the Outdoor Warning System will have 21 sites.  These sites are strategically located throughout Laguna Beach to provide as much coverage to residents as possible.  To date, 13 sites have been installed and will be activated for an initial test in advance of fire season.  Once the remaining sites have been installed a second test will be conducted of the entire system.

If you are near any of the following sites, you will hear an audible alarm followed by a recorded message indicating that this is a test of the Outdoor Warning System. We will be progressing one-by-one to test each speaker individually. In some instances, the speaker radius may overlap. Therefore, some people may hear the message more than once through the test period.

  • City Hall
  • Main Beach White Tower
  • Gazebo (Cliff Dr.)
  • Fire Station 2
  • Fire Station 3
  • Fire Station 4
  • El Morro Elementary
  • Thurston Middle School
  • Laguna Beach High School
  • Animal Shelter
  • Gelson's Market
  • Crescent Bay Beach
  • Boys & Girls Club

For more information about the Emergency Alert tests, please contact Emergency Operations Coordinator Brendan Manning at bmanning@lagunabeachcity.net or (949) 497-0350.