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Chris Ornelas is Laguna Beach Firefighter of the Year

Chris Ornelas works out of Station 4 in South Laguna and along with doing a great job with his required duties/responsibilities, he helps the department by taking on many special projects.  Chris leads the Fire Hose Program that ensures all of our fire hose is inventoried, tracked, and tested annually to ensure it works under high pressures when needed, he helps with training new Firefighters, and he especially helps crating a productive and caring environment by keeping all current, past, and extended family members informed of department events and personnel special events/dates.  Below is the notification sent to the Department to announce his selection.

After careful review, being nominated by his peers, and receiving the nomination/recommendation from the Firefighters Association, the Fire Department Command Staff concurs and would like to congratulate Fire Engineer Chris Ornelas on being selected as the 2020 Laguna Beach Firefighter of the Year!

Chris was nominated by his peers for this award and it goes without saying that his contributions and commitment to our Department have been extremely impactful throughout 2020. Chris has done a fantastic job managing our social media accounts which have grown in popularity and highlight many of the fantastic things the Laguna Beach Firefighters do on a daily basis to protect and serve our community. His efforts growing our social media have created an online community that has bridged the gap between our retirees and the active duty personnel. Chris keeps people engaged by remembering all birthdays and anniversaries and because of this,  the Laguna Beach Fire family is much closer. This endeavor takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication and Chris is always looking for ways to engage our families, the retirees, our community and visitors. In developing our social media programs, Chris has also become the de facto historian for all modern fire department activities. Chris has curated a photographic collection that records the current ear of the department that is unmatched by previous generations. Chris should also be recognized for his time and efforts spent working on the pink shirt project and his work with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.