The Promenade on Forest

Shopping, Dining, Art, and You

The Promenade on Forest is a pilot program through September 7, 2020 located on a portion of Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach. The Promenade opened to the public on June 15 with a Facebook Live ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Promenade will operate daily for general dining and shopping between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The City of Laguna Beach asks that guests comply with the following rules, which are designed to promote the health and safety of all guests and ensure their enjoyment of The Promenade.

Physical distancing and face coverings required. Non-family groups should seek to maintain at least six (6) of distance between other groups. Face coverings are required when not consuming a meal.

Pedestrian circulation required. Pedestrians should follow the defined one-way circulation pattern on The Promenade to help maintain physical distancing requirements.

Public seating duration limited. Limit your stay in the seating area to 60 minutes to allow the maximum number of people to enjoy The Promenade.

Alcohol regulations: Alcohol must be consumed on the dining decks, purchased from one of the restaurants located in The Promenade and be consumed with a bonafide meal. Outside alcohol is prohibited.

Dogs must be leashed.

Permit required for public entertainment.