Hotel Laguna

About the Project

Hotel Laguna is a four-story building located at the corner of Laguna Avenue and South Coast Highway. The hotel was constructed in 1930 and subsequently remodeled and expanded. Provided below are exhibits prepared by Chattel Inc. that includes images and descriptions of past alterations to the hotel.

In December 2017, Hotel Laguna ceased operations and closed its doors. Late 2018/early 2019, the Laguna Beach Co. entered a 99-year lease agreement for the property with a vision to restore and reopen the hotel. 

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

On September 9, 2021, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy was issued in accordance with the plan presented and approved at the August 24th City Council meeting for the reopening of the restaurant and hotel lobby. The remodeling project passed all Building, Fire, and Health Department inspections. The City has also received the structural assessment report determining the building to be structurally sound and safe. The City is currently working with the developer to finalize a comprehensive plan for the overall restoration and permitting of the restoration project. City staff will continue making regular visits to the project site to ensure that no unpermitted work is occurring.

City Issued Entitlements

  • Administrative Coastal Development Permit

Coastal Commission Staff Report - Finding of Substantial Issue 

Notice of Decision

  • Building Permits

Building Permits Issued (2020-2021)

Additional Documents

Questions or Concerns?

Contact So Kim, Assistant Director, at (949) 497-0736 or skim@lagunabeachcity.net.