Starting a Business in Laguna Beach

You need a business license to start a business in Laguna Beach. We want the process to be as smooth as possible, and have a dedicated Business Liaison to help. Click to read about How to Obtain a Business License in the City of Laguna Beach

You can apply for a business license online or you can download and print the business license application. If you download and print the application, bring it to the Cashier Counter in City Hall during regular business hours for processing. Once your business is up and running, consider joining the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce.

All business license applications must have a physical address listed for the location. The City of Laguna Beach will not issue business licenses to virtual mailbox locations or P.O. Boxes.

The process for obtaining your Laguna Beach business license is: 

Step 1: Zoning Compliance

Planning staff will assist you at the Planning Counter in determining if the location you are considering for your business is zoned for that particular use. A planner will also advise you of any approvals that are required prior to starting your business (for example, a Conditional Use Permit). Planning staff  are also available by telephone during regular business hours at (949) 497-0713.

Step 2: Business License Application

Once you have determined that the location you have selected for your business complies with the City's zoning requirements, and you have obtained all necessary approvals, you can apply for a business license either online or at the Cashier Counter at City Hall, 505 Forest Avenue. Business license questions may also be answered by calling (949) 497-0733. Click Here to download: Laguna Beach Business License Application in PDF formatIf your business address is your home address you must fill out the Home Occupation form before your application can be processed.  This does not apply to Real Estate Agents. This should be emailed to: BusinessLicenses@lagunabeachcity.net         

Step 3: Tenant Improvements

If you are proposing interior or exterior construction improvements, you or your contractor can apply for building permits at the Building Counter at City Hall. Exterior construction improvements, including painting, usually require Design Review Board approval. (An Information Guide that describes the Design Review Board review and approval process is available at the Planning Counter.) If you have any questions about building permits, please call (949) 497-0715.

Step 4: Signs

Planning Department staff will advise you of the sign standards applicable to your business location. Most signs require Design Review Board approval.