Getting Married in Laguna Beach

Wedding Permits

If you'd like to be married on public property in Laguna Beach, you'll need a wedding permit. Wedding permits are issued for most beaches and parks within the City's jurisdiction with some restrictions. For information about civil marriage ceremonies at City Hall, click here. For information about obtaining a marriage license, click here.

Between Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend (September to May), weddings are permitted at most City parks and beaches. During peak summer months (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend), beach weddings are only permitted on the four beaches below the bluffs at Heisler Park (North Main Beach, Rockpile Beach, Picnic Beach and Divers Cove Beach). 

We schedule ceremonies on a master calendar on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of the application and non-refundable use fee. Changes to your permit, such as date or time, must be in writing and a processing fee of $10 is required. There are no refunds for cancellation or inclement weather.

The CDC Guidelines for religious services and cultural ceremonies must be followed, including wearing masks and social distancing of 6 feet apart.  The maximum number of people, including the wedding party, officiant, photographer, etc., and the fees are listed below:

Location Maximum People Allowed Permit Fee
Crescent Bay Park 50 $469
Gazebo in Heisler Park 50 $377
Monument Point in Heisler Park 50 $377
Other Beaches and parks 95 $377

Wedding permits are issued for a two-hour period. Please keep this in mind when you select your time and date and allow sufficient time for decorating, the ceremony, photographs, and clean-up within your allotted time.  

Simple Ceremony

Your wedding permit allows a beautiful, but simple ceremony. You won't be allowed to set up tables, chairs, archways, or structures of any kind for the wedding. Wedding sites must be accessible to the public at all times; you cannot rope off or reserve your wedding area in any way and are not allowed to block public pathways. 

City parks are cleaned on a regular basis, however, no special cleaning or gardening services will be provided for your specific ceremony. No special parking will be arranged. Please note that parking can be difficult in Laguna Beach, especially in the summer.

To download the Wedding Permit Application for Crescent Bay Point Park, click here
To download the Wedding Permit Application for all other locations, click here.

Permit applications will be accepted by mail and by email. Mail should be addressed to 515 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 or email recreation@lagunabeachcity.net

To obtain availability of specific beaches, parks, and dates for a wedding, please call or (949) 497-0716.