Recreation Committee

Members of the Recreation Committee advise City Council on issues regarding the recreation and park needs and desires of the community. It is an eight member committee who serve two-year terms. The Committee also has two Laguna Beach High School Students who serve as non-voting advisors to the Committee. The Committee is currently accepting applications for student liaisons interested in being a part of Committee. A copy of the application can be found by clicking here.

The Recreation Committee usually meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Laguna Beach Community & Susi Q Center at 380 Third Street. See the City Calendar for our next meeting date.

The Recreation Committee developed a scholarship program designed to assist in providing recreational opportunities to families in Laguna Beach through the Laguna Beach Community Assistance Grant Program. Program policy information and application is available by clicking here.

Click here to email the Recreation Committee's staff liaison, Alexis Braun.

Karl Dumas 3/31/23
Roger Kempler 3/31/23
Anna Cathleen Greiner 3/31/23
Michele Hall (Chair) 3/31/22
Halley Cruz Corbett 3/31/22
Joe Mackay
Monica Silva-McCusker (Vice-Chair) 3/31/22
Nia Evans 3/31/22