Fire Operations

The Operations Division is responsible for ensuring the delivery of emergency services to the community. The Department operates out of four fire stations statically located throughout the City. Each fire station is staffed with a three person engine company, providing an on-duty firefighting force of 12 personnel.  In 2014 the Department responded to over 3,500 emergency incidents, including responses to fires, rescues and medical incidents. Over 70% of our responses are traffic related or medical incidents. 

The Operations Division is also responsible for the fleet of apparatus assigned to the Department, including four front line fire engines, two reserve fire engines, a Type III wildland engine, an Office of Emergency Service (OES) engine, and seven command and support vehicles. 

The Department actively participates in the county-wide automatic mutual aid system which dispatches the closest available resource, regardless of jurisdiction, to an emergency incident. Thus, you may see a fire engine from Newport Beach or the Orange County Fire Authority responding to a call in Laguna Beach, or you may see a Laguna Beach engine responding to an emergency in another city.