Rockpile Beach

This cove is located at the South end of Heisler Park and is approximately 700 feet long. It is somewhat isolated, but at lower tides can provide an excellent spot to explore the tidepools, especially during the winter months. During extremely low tides it is possible to get close to Bird Rock. Bird Rock is a bird sanctuary and is off limits to people. At high tides however almost no dry sand remains on the beach.

Popular activities are surfing, and exploring the tide pools. This beach is one of Laguna's three designated surfing areas. Swimming and/or body boarding are not permitted.

Hazardous conditions are implied in the name "Rockpile." The ocean floor is comprised almost entirely of rock and getting in and out of the water can prove difficult. Sea urchins cover most of the rocks which are often just below the surface. The water really is best left to the surfers familiar with the reefs and currents.

If you do visit this area please do not take, collect or disturb any of the marine life. The taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited. Fishing is not allowed at this beach.