The Marine Safety Department is responsible for 5.5 miles of City coastline and 16.5 miles of ocean. Marine Safety has a Marine Safety Chief, one Captain, two Lieutenants, three Marine Safety Officers, and a Marine Protection Officer. During the course of the year the Marine Safety Department is augmented with three Recurrent Hourly Lifeguards and one hundred Seasonal Ocean Lifeguards. The Marine Safety Department provides 24-hour lifeguard service 365 days a year.

Marine Safety’s primary duties include: ocean rescue, emergency medical response, accident prevention, ordinance enforcement, and public assistance. The Department also provides technical rescue response in scuba search-and-rescue/recovery, coastal cliff rescue, and back-country extrication. During an average year, Marine Safety personnel rescue approximately 3,500 individuals from the ocean and provide medical attention to another 4,000 people. The Marine Safety staff enforces beach and marine-related municipal ordinances along with state codes, averaging 170,000 enforcements annually.