Village Entrance Project

The Village Entrance Project:
A Lasting Impression of Laguna Beach

Like the doorway into your home, the Village Entrance Project creates a new first impression for everyone entering the City of Laguna Beach.  Completed in May 2020, the Village Entrance sits where the beautiful and historic Laguna Canyon Road turns into Broadway at Forest Avenue. There you can discover a place where California landscape design, works of public art, and green space provide a lush backdrop for gatherings and ample parking for summer festivals. 

“The City has succeeded in delivering a safe, beautiful area for our community to enjoy while delivering the project on time and on budget,” said Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig.

“The Project’s new bridges, wider multi-use trails and paved access roads improve pedestrian, bicyclist and driver safety at one of the busiest and most visible intersections in town,” said Laguna Beach Assistant City Manager Shohreh Dupuis.

Additional Village Entrance Project elements include decorative lighting, extensive landscaped planting areas, new vehicular and pedestrian bridges and water quality features such as basins and permeable pavers.

“The Village Entrance Project’s new pedestrian walkways, benches, bike racks and beautifully landscaped green spaces create a first impression to the City of Laguna Beach that we can all be proud of,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen. “And at a time when outdoor activity is so important to our community, this project’s completion comes at the perfect moment.” 

The City’s ultimate goal of the Village Entrance Project was to provide a safer environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists in the project area while also creating a terrific entry experience to Laguna Beach while retaining our Village and Canyon character — ensuring pedestrian safety, mobility and creating a public green space filled with public art.  

We Welcome You to Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach’s small-town atmosphere has a cosmopolitan feel thanks to the City’s cultural arts scene and eclectic arts history. Throughout the year, a wave of visitors come to see our picturesque beaches, art festivals, Pageant of the Masters, Village shopping districts, charming downtown, and breathtaking ocean views. The new Village Entrance Project is a seamless continuation of that atmosphere, merging the sophistication and outdoor aesthetics our City is known for with our California pride and small town values.

Extensive landscaping throughout the site is a driving element of the Village Entrance Project. The landscaping will also tie into the recent improvements at the Pageant of the Masters property.

Village Entrance Project Highlights

  • Wide multi-use trails made from decorative concrete and decomposed granite to create a pedestrian-friendly environment, including many bicycle racks and rammed-earth seat wall benches
  • Extensive landscaping throughout the site, including the planting of 75 new trees, 3,250 shrubs and 50 flats of ground cover
  • Decorative fencing along the drainage channel to replace the chain link fence
  • New wider vehicle bridge and a new pedestrian bridge at Lot 10 to improve vehicle access, parking circulation and separate vehicles from pedestrians
  • New bridge to provide vehicular and pedestrian access to parking from Laguna Canyon Road
  • A total of six electric vehicle charging stations in Lots 11 and 12
  • Reconstruction of Employee Parking Lot and parking area behind City Hall
  • Reconstruction of deteriorated retaining walls in Lot 12 (Lumberyard Parking Lot)
  • Demolition of aging Marine Safety and Police support buildings and construction of replacement buildings

 Prior Use

The Village Entrance site was previously used primarily for surface parking, storage, City facilities, and an active sewer lift station. Located near the intersection of Broadway and Forest Avenue, this focal point of our City will retain its parking purposes and gain lush landscaping, pedestrian trails and gathering spaces and works of public art.  

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Click here. Contact Tom Perez, Village Entrance Project Director, at (949) 464-6688 or tperez@lagunabeachcity.net.

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You may also call the Village Entrance Project Director, Tom Perez at (949) 464-6688.

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