Running a Clean Ocean Business

Releasing any kind of contaminant or polluting substance into a storm drain, OR any place where it will run off into a storm drain, is AGAINST THE LAW and subject to a citation and/or fine because water in Laguna Beach's streets, gutters and storm drains often flows directly to local creeks or the ocean without treatment. 
To make sure your business is a clean ocean business, follow these guidelines.

Mobile Business Program

Our Mobile Business Program helps mobile businesses understand Laguna Beach’s regulations and learn about best practices. It also inspects mobile businesses and enforces applicable ordinances. click here.

Mobile business activities with significant potential to pollute include: carpet cleaning, cement mixing, landscaping, masonry, mobile car washing, mobile dog washing, painting, pest control services, pool cleaning, power washing, window cleaning -- and more. Anything that could release water into our storm sewers.