We Protect Ocean Water Quality

Diversion Units

We protect Laguna Beach's coastline and recreational ocean water in several ways. First, we maintain 25 "diversion units" throughout the City. They're like big strainers to sift trash and debris out of water that would continue on to the ocean. Once it catches that gunk it diverts it into the sewer system. Get it? Diversion units divert.


We also control runoff to our storm drains. By law, Laguna Beach must 1) adopt regulations to prevent polluted runoff, 2) implement  programs that promote architectural features that reduce runoff from new development, 3) inspect existing developments and construction sites for runoff pollution 4) educate the public on how to reduce runoff.  Click here for more detailed information about runoff regulations.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

Our department oversees the City's Environmental Sustainability Committee. This City Council-appointed committee of seven volunteers meets monthly to discuss environmental issues relevant to the City. The committee makes recommendations to City Council.

Regulatory Compliance

Much of what we do is regulated by the Federal government and the State of California. For information on our Clean Water Compliance Programs click hereFor information about Water Quality Improvement Plan Development (WQIP) click hereFor information on the City's Local Implementation Plan (LIP/JRMP) click here.

Best Management Practices

The City provides Best Management Practices Fact Sheet materials to assist the public with reducing the potential of polluted runoff to the storm drain system and ocean. Click here.